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excavator modification

316 with C9 Power GenSet

A Ceres customer had successfully bid a project where a significant amount of the work performed required the use of an excavator outfitted with a very large and heavy attachment.

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Hi-Rail Feller Buncher

Hi-Rail Feller Buncher

Our customer needed a Hi-Rail excavator that had increased ground clearance, could operate high powered attachments, and was able to transport heavy rail car loads. The Ceres team of engineers rose to the challenge and designed and built a product based upon the Caterpillar 541 Feller Buncher.

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custom actuator skid steer


This Ceres customer was having repeat issues with an electrical system on an OEM skid steer. This particular system component enabled a skid steer to couple up to multiple attachments. The component was failing in harsh environments, thus disabling the automated connection to a work tool. In some cases, the failed connection would stop the entire machine from using any work tools.

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custom portable heater design

Portable Heaters

This Ceres customer had an existing product that was drawing increased demand both domestically and abroad. Delivery lead-times were becoming an issue with the customer’s sales objectives because the existing design required a full-body weldment.

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rail cribber

Ballast Cribber

Ballast is a vital part of the track structure bearing the load of railroad ties, allowing for drainage and preventing vegetation. Millions of tons of ballast are replaced every single year, whether that’s replacing miles of track or spot treating problem areas.

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hi rail excavator

13 Ton Hi-Rail Excavator

The Ceres team designed a new custom control system for a customer’s Hi-Rail Excavator, the 13 Ton Hi-Rail Excavator. The control system allows the customer to control the rail gear and functionality dependent on operator input.

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culvert cleaner and cart

Culvert Cleaner + Cart

There are thousands of culverts protecting railroad ballast integrity in the US requiring railroad maintenance of way teams to spend countless hours ensuring culverts and clear thus allowing for safe and efficient rail travel.

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rail snow blower

Cold Air Blower

Rail switches capture snow and can obstruct or limit the ability to perform track changes during harsh conditions. A Class 1 railroad customer needed a blower to attach to field machines to clear tracks quickly without heat (preventing the melting of snow).

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