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Our customer needed a better way to clear debris from culverts to allow for drainage and lessen damage to rail. Ceres developed a water propelled culvert cleaner that clears the entire culvert, not just a center hole

Customer Case Study

Culvert Cleaner + Cart

Custom Attachment that resulted in Increased Productivity

There are thousands of culverts protecting railroad ballast integrity in the US requiring railroad maintenance of way teams to spend countless hours ensuring culverts and clear thus allowing for safe and efficient rail travel.

A Class I Railroad maintenance of way company was looking for an effective means to remove debris – including mud, rocks and branches – from existing culverts. The existing solution available in the marketplace required two machines, several hours, multiple trips to a jobsite and extensive setup time before the cleaning could begin.

The Ceres team developed a solution that utilizes hydraulic pressure from an excavator to power a water pump. The water pump forces water through a nozzle at a very high pressure, enough to push clogged debris out of the way and get water moving freely again.

The solution contains no moving parts that can be damaged or compromised due to unseen foreign objects in the culvert, and comes with interchangeable water jet heads for more thorough debris removal – a vast improvement over the existing auger-only methodology that clears only a center hole, and contains easily damaged moving parts.

The Ceres-designed Culvert Cleaner reduces the cleaning time from 3+ hours to less then 30 minutes and requires only one machine on the jobsite.

culvert cleaner and cart


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