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Slope Adjusting Moldboard Extension

Moldboard Extension

Less Passes.

Less Fuel.

Less Time.

The patent-pending slope adjusting Moldboard Extension by Ceres is a purpose-built attachment that allows you to adjust the slope of your grade independent of the moldboard position.

This increases road work productivity by reducing the number of passes required, allowing you to perform paved & unpaved shoulder and ditch maintenance with peak efficiency.

After Moldboard Extension
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Moldboard Extension Close Up

Superior Design

The attachment is ideal for:

  • Reclaiming aggregate and gravel
  • Reshaping foreslope and shoulder
  • Repairing low shoulder
  • Repair high shoulder
  • New road construction
Moldboard Extension

Save Time & Money

The Ceres Moldboard Extension is more
versatile & functional than current solutions
to help you complete projects faster, reduce
costs & improve road safety.

Benefits include:

  • Reduction in fuel and operator expense
  • Recapturing lost material
  • Reduce material lost off the toe
  • Extension of road life by maintaining proper shape and water drainage
  • Increase of road safety by maintaining a safe driving surface and shoulder


Moldboard Extension Tool

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