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Heavy equipment engineering


Count on Ceres’ custom fabrication and welding services to design the custom parts you need for your product. Our plasma table cutting services provide you with quality cutting on steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. Custom cut parts can then be bent to project specifications. Our state-of-the-art technology allows for efficiency on short runs.

  • Our hi-definition table provides:
    6’x12′ capacity
  • Cutting material with thicknesses ranging between 0.024″ (24 gauge) up to 2-1/2” (edge cut)
  • Several material thicknesses are available for next day cutting
  • Etching ability for precise hole and index locations

Additionally, several material thicknesses are available for next day cutting. We also provide etching ability to provide precise hole and index locations. 

Once we cut your custom parts, we can bend them to your project specifications. The forming capabilities are highly customizable and extremely accurate-producing high quality parts. Whether you have complete detailed CAD drawings or just a concept sketched, we can help you design and complete your project.

  • Bend materials from 0.024″ [24 gauge] up to ½” thick
  • Up to 24″ wide with 135-ton capacity
  • Up to 10′ wide with flange depth up to 40″
  • Support a range of material capacity

Our state-of-the-art technology allows for efficiency on short runs, and our Ram repeatability ensures production provides consistent high quality. Once your product or part is formed it’s ready for a finishing application. Our paint shop can handle surface cleaning, preparation and the application of any paint or protective coatings needed.


custom parts fabrication


Hi-Rail Feller Buncher

Hi-Rail Feller Buncher

Our customer needed a Hi-Rail excavator that had increased ground clearance, could operate high powered attachments, and was able to transport heavy rail car loads. The Ceres team of engineers rose to the challenge and designed and built a product based upon the Caterpillar 541 Feller Buncher.

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