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The Ceres team designed and built a hi-rail excavator with increased ground clearance, able to transport heavy rail car loads, and operate high powered attachments whose power and weight helps our customer protect rail…

Customer Case Study

13 Ton Hi-Rail Excavator


The Ceres team designed a new custom control system for a client – the 13 Ton Hi-Rail Excavator. The control system allows our client to control the rail gear and functionality dependent on operator input. The controls can vary dynamic braking electrically by controlling electric signals to back pressure valves. Additionally, with the use of telematics, the customer is now able to see the machine vitals during operation in the field.

The new system also removes the operator’s potential to damage the machine with a proprietary smart program. In the past, an operator could go in full reverse to brake the machine which causes damage. Our new controls eliminate this possibility.

hi rail excavator


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