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Customer Case Study

316 with C9 Power GenSet

Extra Power Means Extra Performance

A railroad contractor had successfully bid a project where a significant amount of the work performed required the use of an excavator outfitted with a very large and heavy attachment. The Ceres engineering team met with the end-users as well as the contractor, and determined the standard horsepower of the machine would not adequately operate the attachment and the machine. Our teams determined that a secondary power source would be required to meet the needs of the attachment, and leave power for the excavator to function, while the attachment ran.

A C9 generator and engine set was selected to be the secondary power. Due to the width of a standard C9 genset, it had to be modified to fit on the back of the excavator. Once the genset was narrowed, a platform for the unit was installed and attached to the machine making the C9 acceptable as a standard counterweight. The outcome of this project was a Hi-Rail, dual-powered excavator  loaded with safety and performance features.  The unit has remained in operation for over six years. 

excavator modification


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