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Customer Case Study

Skid Steer Hydraulic Actuator

Sometimes, it’s the little things...

A Ceres’ customer was having repeat issues with an electrical system on an OEM skid steer. This particular system component enabled a skid steer to couple up to multiple attachments. The component was failing in harsh environments, thus disabling the automated connection to a work tool. In some cases, the failed connection would stop the entire machine from using any work tools.

The issue was forcing NMC Cat to halt production and continually service the machine, which often resulted in multiple repairs per visit. Led by NMC’s ideas, Ceres custom engineered a hydraulic cylinder to replace the failing electrical component. The solution tied into the existing hydraulic and electrical control circuits and replaced the electronic actuator. The much more powerful cylinder kit proved to be a simple “bolt-in” solution to meet a customer’s needs and is durable in all environments.

custom actuator skid steer


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