Customer Case Study


An Upgrade In Performance

A Ceres customer was a consistent user of Hi-Rail excavators to perform rail maintenance of way. In fact, use of Hi-Rail excavators had become a distinct competitive advantage for this Ceres client, due to the quality of the product and after-sale service they were able to provide to their customer.  

Hi-Rail excavators used for on track service and repair are extremely capable and productive machines. They are built to travel to remote areas in order to maintain railroad right of way. Their powerful capabilities, however, nearly double their weight to twice that of standard excavators, placing additional stress on machine components. This weight and stress can cause machine downtime.

Because of that, Ceres was challenged to create a ‘best of both worlds’ scenario: the ability to consistently use these powerful machines for on track maintenance, but with reduced downtime. Ceres designed, built and patented a Hi-Rail dynamometer, capable of handling every size machine currently produced.  The patented “dyno” allows machines to be put through a simulation of inclines, braking and longer stress testing than was previously possible.  

Usage of the dyno resulted in a 73% quality improvement score for the customer, a reduction to almost one quarter the previous issues!

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